Successfully implementing your strategy

 With Prof. David Lewis, London Business School.

For senior managers, VPs, CEOs and high ranking civil servants in charge of strategy execution.

Executives are so concerned about strategy execution that they rated it as both their number one and number two most challenging issue.  However, it’s estimated that more than 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented.

As the final step in what can sometimes be an arduous process, strategy execution is vitally important to get right for your company, especially if it is a key component of its business transformation.

This  means translating the strategic initiatives into specific measures that your organization and management will undertake. Identifying the fundamental building blocks executives can use to implement the organisation’s vision and strategy will be a major challenge.

 Often strategies fail, not because of poor conceptualization, but simply because the many obstacles that prevent great plans from reaching effective implementation are underestimated.  This day-long event will focus on these two critical parts of making the journey of strategy development come alive. 

The first part of the day focuses on your role as a leader in gaining the commitment of your extended team to the strategic priorities of your organization.  This session provides an overview of this commitment process – particularly how a leader can struggle with his team in  developing a set of strategic priorities and initiatives or in gaining the up-front energy and commitment for his area of responsibility. We will take the lessons from this journey and apply to your own situation.

The second part of the day focuses on follow-through or to the nuts and bolts of execution.  How many times have you heard that the right people were not informed or included; the timing was misjudged; the capabilities were not there; or too many priorities were fighting with each other; or critical stakeholders were lukewarm at best.  We will examine in more detail different types of strategic initiatives and how you as a leader can maximize their odds of success.

Inscription fee, including lunch is 1690€ excl. VAT. The number of participants is limited and based on early inscriptions. To register, contact  

Application deadline is  28th of this month.

About David Lewis

Prof. Lewis is Director of London Business School’s flagship Strategy Execution programme. David is an inspirational speaker and educator.

"His ability to combine the emotional and rational aspects of leadership and strategy implementation and present them in an accessible, compelling and applicable way, leaves his audiences motivated and equipped to lead with greater authenticity and impact”. Nandu Nandkishore, Former Nestlé S.A, Switzerland board member EVP & Head of Asia, Africa, Oceania.

“David brings a magical blend of gravitas, fun, insight and humanity to topics ranging from strategy execution, diversity and inclusion, innovation and motivation. His ability to hold a group’s attention, making you feel he is speaking to you individually, is world class”. James Purnell, Director of BBC Radio and Education and Former UK Government Minister

David has 35 years of experience in business, consulting and academia working in the IT, auto, pharmaceutical, financial, fast moving consumer goods, government, professional services and defence sectors. He is a consultant, researcher, sought-after speaker and author working with business leaders across Europe, the US, the Middle East, Africa, China and India. In 2019, David was cited on Thinkers 50 Radar of top global management thinkers.

David has held senior positions in business as a managing director and in academia as head of department. As an entrepreneur David has successfully grown and sold businesses in business consulting and software. David is known for designing and facilitating executive programmes that are experiential, memorable and impactful.

David’s research with co-author Alison Reynolds focuses on the relationship between cognitive diversity and psychological safety, the ability of teams and organisations to thrive and the implications for leadership in the face of new, uncertain and complex situations. The findings and applications are published in the Harvard Business Review articles, Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse (2017), The Two Traits of the Best Problem-Solving Teams (2018) and Closing the Strategy Execution Gap (2017).

David is an active researcher and writer. His first book, ‘What Philosophy can teach you about being a better leader’ was published with Kogan Page in October 2019 and the second, ‘Mavericks: How Bold leadership Changes the World’, was published in March 2022. “Mavericks drive progress and the world needs many more - this book shows why.” Sir James Dyson.

David co-developed the Qi Index, a tool to help leaders understand and enhance the quality of interaction between people to better formulate and execute groundbreaking strategies.