Interview with Dr. Heyndrickx, initiator of the Grand Tour

What was your approach? Why this Grand Tour ?

We’ve all been to seminars where some of the speakers were not up to scratch or even boring. Definitely a waste of time and money. Nowadays in harsh economic times, even large corporations find it difficult to justify high rates for management trainings. So we set up to present a world class event at accessible tuition fees. We more than succeeded in this as we will have one exceptional speaker from each of Europe’s best business schools. Furthermore, we will propose a flexible curriculum.

What do you mean by flexible?

When you enroll for similar programmes you have to subscribe to the entire package, but often you are not interested in certain subject matters or you have seen the material before. This is not the case with the Grand Tour. Here, participants can choose the sessions they want to attend.

What makes this event so exceptional?

You mean besides the affordable tuition fee and the flexibility? Well, for the first time 5 world authorities from 5 of Europe’s leading business schools are brought together. This is no small feat. As those business schools compete with each other it took an outsider to organize The Grand Tour. Now we can propose the best of the best. Each of the business schools has a particular approach to people management. For each topic we wanted a world authority, someone who proposes innovative insights to leadership so participants can go back to their job with fresh ideas to manage their team. At first glance we identified topics you will find in most similar events. Don’t be fooled, if you read the abstracts you will notice each Professor has a very original approach to his subject matter. We didn’t want academic lectures. The sessions are interactive and refer to day to day management practices. Most international events focus on one or two keynote speakers from a top business school. For our initiative we wanted no less than 5 keynote speakers, one for each topic, one from each of the 5 top business schools.

Who should attend, and why?

Obviously high ranking civil servants or managers in charge of a team, for the skills you need to manage your people either in the public sector or the private sector are the same. As for why, well I already indicated the exceptional set up of the Grand Tour. In the course of one’s career you will be lucky if you can follow a programme from one of the top business schools, let alone meet top experts from all of the 5 leading European business schools. This pioneering initiative is definitely a boost to one’s career, no doubt about that.