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The Grand Tour
Digital Execution
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Inscriptions due no later than April 26. Tuition fees are without 21% vat and include hot buffet lunches.

** For the Grand Tour, groups of minimum 9 per day.

Applicants can withdraw without penalty within 14 days after their registration by registered post or later in case of official Corona restrictions. After that date inscription fees are charged. However, transfers to other persons are allowed. Information on the website can be subjected to changes. Tuition fee has to be transferred within 7 days after your application has been accepted on  BEO Bank, Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein 19, 9000 Gent, Belgium, BIC code: CTBKBEBX; account number IBAN code BE 94 1096 6431 1714. Tuition fees are without 21% vat for participants/organisations outside Belgium. Applications will be confirmed at the latest 30 days after receiving them. Any dispute the present inscription might give rise to false within the exclusive competence of the court of Gent, Belgium. The Belgian law shall apply.